Hope :: Daily Purpose

Sometimes we get in ruts. Life seems to pass us by. I remember when I first started working at a church… Months passed by and I realized I was basically surviving Sunday to Sunday. It was as if Sunday was the only important part of the week and the rest of the time was simplyContinue reading “Hope :: Daily Purpose”

Hope :: What Breaks Your Heart?

I’d first like to start with an apology for my lack of blog posts last week. I have no excuse, except that time just seemed to get away from me! Today, I wanted to focus on what I shared with my Tikvah video last week. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, in additionContinue reading “Hope :: What Breaks Your Heart?”

Education :: What is the Purpose of the Story?

When you’re playing many games, such as chess, you are playing with a specific purpose in mind. In chess, the purpose of the game is to take out the opposing player’s king. A game of Monopoly is over once someone has bankrupted everyone else. A game of tic-tac-toe is won when a player gets threeContinue reading “Education :: What is the Purpose of the Story?”