Hope :: Drowning in the Deep

Do you ever get so far into something, only to realize you’re in over your head, and you don’t know how to get out of it? If you’ve ever been in over your head with no real way to get out, you’re not alone. Sometimes, we get in over our heads by our own choices.Continue reading “Hope :: Drowning in the Deep”

Hope:: Dealing with Disappointment Part 3

Do you know who I’m disappointed with the most? Myself. No matter how much grace I give other people, I’m the one person who has no wiggle room. Are you familiar with that in your own life? I’m one of those people who sees others fail and brush it off like it’s nothing. My internalContinue reading “Hope:: Dealing with Disappointment Part 3”

Hope :: Losing a Loved One

It’s never easy to lose a loved one. No matter how much time you have to “prepare” or if it’s sudden, losing a loved one is difficult. I’m definitely not the expert on the grief cycle of losing someone – or even something – you love. I can, however, give some tips from my ownContinue reading “Hope :: Losing a Loved One”

Hope :: Make a Decision

I’ve attended counseling before, and I’ve found it very helpful. One of the greatest pieces of advice I ever received was, “Make a decision. You may feel like all you can do is sit and watch TV. If that’s the case, it’s okay. Rather than doing it and beating yourself up about it” – yes,Continue reading “Hope :: Make a Decision”

Hope :: Dealing with Disappointment Part 2

So, last time, I talked about acknowledging your feelings and then letting them go. That’s just the start of dealing with disappointment. Yes, we have to let ourselves feel the feels. However, letting go of the feelings doesn’t really fix the situation. I should know. I have a bad habit of “letting go”. In reality,Continue reading “Hope :: Dealing with Disappointment Part 2”

Hope :: Dealing with Disappointment

Feeling disappointed in something or someone is never fun. And there are many different ways we can handle disappointment. I’m only going to talk about a few here. First: anger. When we get disappointed, we can become angry, sometimes unreasonably so. Especially if it’s a recurring issue. We can explode on people. The problem isContinue reading “Hope :: Dealing with Disappointment”

Hope :: Where I Fail

I know I excel at several things. I also know I struggle with a lot of things. I’m not one to brag about myself, but I also try to hide my faults. I downplay my struggles. Why? I never want to seem weak. Why should I display those faults? Several reasons. First, if I don’tContinue reading “Hope :: Where I Fail”

Hope :: Take a Break

I will be the first to say that I struggle with taking a break. Growing up, I went to school no matter how sick I felt because I was afraid of missing something. That continued through college where I took off a single day when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I regretting going toContinue reading “Hope :: Take a Break”

Hope :: Seek Help

It’s hard to admit to yourself that you just might need some help. For many – myself included – it’s even more difficult to ask others for help. This help can come in many forms. Today, I’m going to focus on mental health issues and counseling. Yes, it can be embarrassing to try to findContinue reading “Hope :: Seek Help”

Hope :: Independence Day

To my fellow American’s, Happy Independence Day! I actually remembered this holiday. When it comes to an entire nation, we have an idea of what it means to be independent. What about when it comes to individual lives? What does it mean to live independently? Contrary to some belief, independence doesn’t mean living completely separateContinue reading “Hope :: Independence Day”