Hope :: Daily Purpose

Sometimes we get in ruts. Life seems to pass us by. I remember when I first started working at a church… Months passed by and I realized I was basically surviving Sunday to Sunday. It was as if Sunday was the only important part of the week and the rest of the time was simply a race to make it to the next important part.

I couldn’t catch my breath and I was finding no enjoyment in life.

Once I realized what I was doing, I took a step back and began finding something important happening each day, to make it just as positive as Sundays.

In doing this, I began appreciating every single day, the little and big moments.

Recently, I quit my job so I could focus and get writing and other work done before school starts in the fall (I only was able to quit because I have been saving for MONTHS to make this happen!!!)

Even though I have a bunch of goals, I was floating again. And in this case, I didn’t have a weekly ‘important day’. I have a final completion date (kind of) and wasn’t doing anything at all to complete my goals! I was listless…

So, I got out my planner (an awesome gift from an unknown sender – thank you AGAIN for this amazing planner!) and planned out every aspect of my goals for the next two months. I wrote down estimated goals for each week, and I’ve started finding the important again in every single day.

It’s almost as if fire has been added to my life to actually give me life again. I have purpose.

What are you doing to find fire (figuratively) in your life? How are you finding daily purpose and not just surviving one big event to the next?

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