Education :: Character Building

This is probably my favorite part of writing. I’m not saying I’m the best at it or even all that great. Indeed, I see them clearly in my head, but I’m not sure I’m able to fully convey their looks and personalities in my writing. I have a huge imagination! I say all this toContinue reading “Education :: Character Building”

Education :: The Importance of Tense

Alli stood in the doorway. She holds out her hands and dropped the towel. The towel fell to the floor and clumps up. It had only been on the floor for a moment before she leans down and picked it up. Does your head hurt yet? Mine did just writing that. This can be howContinue reading “Education :: The Importance of Tense”

Education :: Active vs. Passive Voice

Alexa was running down the road. Alexa ran down the road. Now read those sentences again and ask yourself: which one seems like there should be more? Usually, when we use passive voice, it lends itself to a finite statement. “Alexa was running down the road.” Yes, it’s an ‘action’ sentence as she is running,Continue reading “Education :: Active vs. Passive Voice”

Education :: Cause and Effect

Every action and every division in a story has an effect on it. With a conflict/resolution situation, you want your writers to know what they want for their outcome so they can shape their story appropriately. You’ll want similar for cause and effect, but on a much smaller scale. This will also be played out veryContinue reading “Education :: Cause and Effect”

Education :: Incorporating Real Life into Fiction

The image attached to this post really has nothing to do with the post. I was looking for something animated that looked real and this picture popped up and I thought it was cool! Anyway… No matter our age, we’ve all got experiences that others don’t. We also have experiences in common, obviously. My point:Continue reading “Education :: Incorporating Real Life into Fiction”

Education :: Show, Don’t Tell

Hey, readers! First, I want to apologize for no education post last week. With my work schedule, I quickly lose track of what day of the week I’m on. By the time I realized I hadn’t posted here yet, it was already Monday… I’ll try to plan better! Any, today’s blog post. I chose theContinue reading “Education :: Show, Don’t Tell”

Education :: Non-Fiction Prose vs. Research Paper

So this one is for our older writers, and it’s something I believe is very important for our high schoolers and college students to practice and understand. Before you roll your eyes and click out, let me implore you to not take this knowledge for granted. You may think it’s obvious and you don’t needContinue reading “Education :: Non-Fiction Prose vs. Research Paper”

Education :: The Importance of Clear Subjects

There were three men: a grandfather, a father, and a son. He said, “I’m in love!” The other said, “You’re always in love. Tell us something new.” He rubbed his hand over his face before sitting down at the desk. He said, “It’s time to grow up.” The first said, “I’m happy, get off myContinue reading “Education :: The Importance of Clear Subjects”

Education :: I’m back!

Hey, teacher friends! I took off last summer, as you are very well aware, and then ended up never coming back to these posts. I want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. It’s been a long six months of struggling with depression and trying to get back into the swing of things whileContinue reading “Education :: I’m back!”

Education :: A Few Writing Prompts

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of Education posts the last couple of weeks. My schedule has been awesome! 🤪😉 Anywhoodle – yes, this is a made-up word, no I don’t care – I’ve put together 3 writing prompts for you all. There is one per age group. Obviously you can change them in everyContinue reading “Education :: A Few Writing Prompts”