Hope :: What Breaks Your Heart?

Kelly Sikkema on UnSplash

I’d first like to start with an apology for my lack of blog posts last week. I have no excuse, except that time just seemed to get away from me!

Today, I wanted to focus on what I shared with my Tikvah video last week. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, in addition to my blog posts, I also provide a weekly video on Hope that goes live on Facebook midweek, then is shared to YouTube.

Last week, I brought up the topic of “what breaks your heart?”

I’m not talking about who broke your heart. Not failed relationships or lost loved ones.

I’m talking about the things you hear or see in the world around you. The things that make you want to cry or that fill you with righteous anger; the things you want to see changed in the world.

When you find the things that break your heart, ask yourself: what can I do to fix this?

Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find the purpose for your life in it.

I have. God has given me a broken heart for those who’s voices can’t be heard.

It’s something I’ve felt for a decade. I don’t always stay on the path, but He always breaks my heart again when I’ve drifted.

So. What breaks your heart?

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