Hope :: Managing Anger

Photo by David Knox on Unsplash

I’m going to be the first here to say I don’t always manage my anger the best.

I’m not typically an angry person. And I hate feeling angry. But there are times when everything gets to be too much and it all compresses to the point where I explode. It isn’t usually a one-and-done thing though. Typically, I get to the point of explosion and it’s like the anger just simmers under the surface for a week or two. Everything makes me angry, everything irritates me.

Anyone else?

One of the best things I’ve found in my life for dealing with this anger is finding peace in my day. Typically, I have to make time for this peace. That’s why I get to the point of explosion: I don’t always make the time.

My time of peace is my time spent with God. I know not everyone reading this blog believes in my God, and that’s okay. But I do suggest you find some time (even fifteen minutes) every single day to step away from the stresses of your life and focus on peace.

During my peace time, I’ll listen to worship music, journal, pray, and/or read the Bible.

Maybe for you, you listen to your favorite music and write down the positive things in your life.

I’m not saying this fixes all anger issues. Or even fully fixes ANY anger issues.

What I am saying is that when I deliberately make time every day to find peace, I find that things don’t have the opportunity to build up to the point of explosion.

It takes purpose and it takes dedication. Give it a try.

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