Hope :: Managing Anger

I’m going to be the first here to say I don’t always manage my anger the best. I’m not typically an angry person. And I hate feeling angry. But there are times when everything gets to be too much and it all compresses to the point where I explode. It isn’t usually a one-and-done thingContinue reading “Hope :: Managing Anger”

Hope :: How to Be There for Others

I’ve traveled about 1200 miles over the past two days (well, Saturday and Sunday because I’ll be driving when this post goes live!) As I started out my second day of the journey, my cat Kota – pictured above – was not listening and I had to shut him in his carrier because he keptContinue reading “Hope :: How to Be There for Others”

Hope :: When Anger Strikes

You know those moments where everything is fine until suddenly it’s not? Where you’ve been having a pretty good day and all of a sudden you’re overcome with this raging anger that takes over out of nowhere? This was me just last week. I live 3000 miles away from my family, but I try toContinue reading “Hope :: When Anger Strikes”