Hope :: Follow Your Dreams

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

Do you have a dream? A vision for what you want for your future? An idea that has been tingling at the edge of your life, but you’ve been scared to even consider it?

What’s held you back?


What are you afraid of? These are some of mine: failure, finances, rejection, not being good enough…

Any of those ring a bell for you? Any of them resonate within your own life?

Now, I’m not saying you should drop everything and go right now. Sometimes that is the answer. But I’m not telling you to do that.

What I am saying is this: figure out your dreams, plan out some steps to pursue those dreams, then start taking those steps.

Sometimes, we might realize through this planning that maybe our dreams look a little different as we pursue them. This doesn’t mean our dream is wrong; it just means we learn more about ourselves and what we want from life.

Dreaming isn’t a bad thing. Allow yourself to dream, then follow those dreams to the best of your ability.

Doors may seem to be shut, but that doesn’t always mean they’ll stay shut.

Give yourself a chance!

What are your dreams? Share them in the comments!

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