Hope :: A Brighter Tomorrow

Hello, beautiful readers! Thank you for your patience as I get through the extremely busy portion of the semester! Looking around at life, it can sometimes be difficult to find the light. When you get rejections left and right, when your current relationship status doesn’t match what society deems “normal”, when you feel trapped inContinue reading “Hope :: A Brighter Tomorrow”

Hope:: Dealing with Disappointment Part 3

Do you know who I’m disappointed with the most? Myself. No matter how much grace I give other people, I’m the one person who has no wiggle room. Are you familiar with that in your own life? I’m one of those people who sees others fail and brush it off like it’s nothing. My internalContinue reading “Hope:: Dealing with Disappointment Part 3”

Hope :: Dealing with Disappointment

Feeling disappointed in something or someone is never fun. And there are many different ways we can handle disappointment. I’m only going to talk about a few here. First: anger. When we get disappointed, we can become angry, sometimes unreasonably so. Especially if it’s a recurring issue. We can explode on people. The problem isContinue reading “Hope :: Dealing with Disappointment”

Hope :: Being Responsible Sucks

Let me explain. I’m a responsible person. I always show up to things on time (read: early). I go the extra mile to help others out. I’m the first to volunteer (sometimes begrudgingly, I must admit). It irks me at times that others aren’t just as responsible. I go the extra mile for them andContinue reading “Hope :: Being Responsible Sucks”