Hope :: Love Wins

You know, as I sat here all day trying to figure out what to write for this post, I started realizing that this world is lacking in hope… but more than that, it’s lacking in love.

Everyone is focused on the self rather than on the community. We say we love others, but do we?

How are we reacting to simple daily disappointments and interruptions? How are we responding when someone inconveniences us?

I myself grumble and yell at people who cut me off on the interstate. Not that I’d ever say something to their face… but I’m not even a little bit reacting with love.

I’ve seen the signs that say something along the lines of, “You don’t know what someone else is going through. Give a little kindness. It’s free.”

Those words are so true, but they’re so difficult to live out.

And why is that?

Because we’re focused on the self. Our own happiness. Our own wants. Our own comfort.

But what if we actually looked outside of ourselves and started truly caring about the people around us?

Love wins. Every time.

How are you showing love to the people around you?

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