Hope :: Do Your Best

Now, reading that title, you might think I’m going to sit here and say, “Unless you’re doing everything perfectly, it’s not good enough.”

Absolutely not.

First of all, it’s impossible to be perfect. I strove for many years to come as close as possible. I fell short constantly and it left me feeling broken and drained.

Second, what looks ‘perfect’ to one can look completely different to someone else.

Finally, and most importantly, sometimes the best we can give is to simply be present for something. Sometimes, even that can be too much. Even choosing to keep going another day could be our very best.

You can’t kill yourself to please other people.

This also applies to setting goals for yourself, now that I think about it.

For instance, say you want to lose weight. You set yourself the goal of losing x weight in y weeks. Starving yourself may help you lose the weight quickly initially, but… you’re starving yourself. That’s not healthy.

Jumping on the latest fad diet also won’t give you what you need. Unless you completely change your lifestyle, whatever weight you lose will be quickly regained once the diet ends.

However, if you meet with your doctor, talk about different healthy ways in which to lose weight, and set goals, you’re more likely to establish a healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

But what if you plateau? What if you work your butt off and the numbers still don’t go down? Either at all or just not as fast as you’d like? Does that mean you’ve failed? Of course not!

As with all things: do your best.

Whether your best is getting out of bed in the morning or choosing carrots over a snack cake, your best is always going to be good enough.

The fact that you’re still trying and living is success enough.

So, no matter what it looks like for you: do your best. You’ve got this! I’m proud of you.

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