Hope :: Never give up…

… on those you love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

No, I didn’t purposefully plan this post for today, but it actually is pretty fitting. Though I’m not just talking about a significant other with this post.

Sometimes the people we love do things that hurt them and us. Sometimes we get to the point where we decide enough is enough: “if she doesn’t want to help herself, why should I care? If he doesn’t love me more than the drugs, why should I keep being here for him?”

Both of those statements are valid and I’m sure many of us have thought them in the heat of the moment. We’ve gotten to the point where our hearts are broken for someone in our life and we just don’t know how to love them anymore.

Sometimes, those very same people are the ones lashing out at us and hurting us, oftentimes without realizing it or meaning to.

Now, I’m not referring to people who are abusive. I’m not referring to those who use their own sense of power or strength to belittle and/or harm others. If there is someone in your life who is treating you like this: get out.

What I’m talking about are those who’s lives are being controlled by something, anything, else. Those who maybe used to be the bright spot of your life but who have fallen victim to something that has left them broken.

I’m not saying you should continue to take care of them. Sometimes (read: almost always), us coddling those who are in life-controlling situations actually makes it all worse. Tough love is a real thing. Sometimes we have to let others fall without a safety net.

What I AM saying, however, is to keep loving them, even if it’s from afar.

What I’m saying is that you can pray for those you love. You can keep tabs on them. You can help open doors for them that will bring healing.

You can’t heal someone else. You can’t force them to want to be healed.

But you can love them through it all.

It’s hard.

Boy is it hard.

But knowing that someone loves them, even from afar, is something that helps a person get through the healing process. Knowing that someone is rooting for them can do more for a person and you may realize.

Who can you love through the rough times?

Don’t give up. Don’t be a door mat, but love. Support. Others would do the same for you.

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