Hope :: Change is Hard

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

You know it. I know it. Change is hard. Why do you think so many New Year’s Resolutions are done away with by this time every year?

The idea of change can be exciting. It can make us dive in head first because we know what the end goal should look like. The problem is that it takes work to actually reach that point.

Did you know it takes 21 days of doing the exact same thing to create a new habit? 21 days without fail. 21 days without mixing it up. What happens if you miss a day? Well, you don’t start over at the beginning, but it’s no longer going to take just 21 days.

Continuing on that thought, just because you create a new habit, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still take a conscious choice after those initial 21 days. It’s hard to kick old habits. And if the old habit is easier than the new one, it’ll be quicker to fall into the old habits than it is to push yourself to stick with the new habit.

Hopefully I haven’t driven you away yet!

Because there is hope.

Change is hard.

But change is worth it.

What are you changing FOR? When you have the right motivation, change can come more easily.

Please don’t take my next statement the wrong way. Sometimes, we change for other people. NOT to become the person they wish we were. Never that. People should love you for who you are, and if they can’t then that’s on them and maybe they only love the version of you that’s in their mind.

What I actually mean is this: sometimes we change something about ourselves because of the love we have for someone in our lives. We have a child and realize that unless we lose weight, we’re going to lose out on a lot of fond memories together; memories like playing outside or even horsing around inside the house. We meet someone and realize that it makes much more sense to save for a future together than to spend money on things we don’t need.

We should never pretend to be something we aren’t. But sometimes a person is the motivation we need to help us become the people we already wish we were.

Change takes dedication and change takes having a team of people behind you to support you. High school sports have cheerleaders for a reason. Everyone needs a little support.

Find people who have your back. If it means changing your peer group, that’s tough too, but it’s also worth it. When you have people who see your dreams and support you in them, it’s one of the best gifts this world has to offer.

What changes are you looking to make? And what’s your motivation?

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