Hope :: The Gift of a Team

I was always a loner. I had friends, but it was always easier to just do things on my own. It was also safer to not share anything about my personal life.

Or so I thought.

When I graduated from college and got my first teaching job (4 hours away from any and all family) , it took nearly that first entire school year to make friends with any other teachers at the school.

It wasn’t until the final part of my third year that I finally asked the parents to step up and help out with our spring play. And boy did they ever step up! They were just waiting for me to ask.

I’ve worked several jobs since then. I’ve had amazing team members as well as some not-so-amazing team members.

I’ve learned that when I ask those team members for help, they’ll usually step up, whether they actually want to or not.

Right now? I’ve got a pretty amazing team.

I showed up at work two nights ago with a migraine. The pain wasn’t super bad! But the ringing ears, sensitive eyes, muffled brain, and upset stomach from the migraine made for a pretty miserable night.

As soon as the shift started, one of my team members asked me what was going on. He could tell something was off without my saying a word.

The entire team came together that night; did what they could to get me the right meds, made sure we had a plan for everything that needed done over the course of the night, those sorts of things.

Going into this job, this position with security, I knew I was going to have an entire team that had my back. But I only expected it for things that pertained to my job.

Instead, we’ve become like family. We know at least a little bit of what’s going on in each person’s life. We watch out for and check in with each other.

I entered this position knowing I was going to have to trust my teammates or it was never going to end well. This trust bled over from just the security details and into something as simple as a migraine.

You don’t have to open your entire life up to everyone you meet. That would be detrimental on many levels. But what I’ve learned is this: you need people in your life that you can connect with and trust.

Sometimes it’s family, sometimes it’s team members, sometimes it’s friends; sometimes it’s a mix of all of those plus others mixed in as well.

Having a “team”, no matter who it’s made up of, can impact your life in a way you never imagined.

I’m grateful for the people I have in my life. And I’m grateful for the team I currently serve alongside.

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