Hope :: Everything is a Process

This advice today does not come from me. It’s actually advice that was given to me just this morning while at work.

You might have read the title and thought, “Come on, Brittany. Everyone knows this!”

That might be so. But sometimes we need a reminder of a simple idea.

We had been talking about how much I’ve been writing recently; which honestly isn’t very much.

This friend suggested something that gave me a happy feeling and gave me encouragement. It wasn’t this wording exactly, because that was at 6am, but it’s close!

No matter how much you write in one day, put an X on that day on your calendar. When you need a moment of encouragement, you can look back through your calendar and see how productive you’ve been. It doesn’t matter how much you did, just that you did SOMEthing.

This advice was for my writing, but you can use this advice in your own life. Think of one specific thing you want to do every day.

For me, I want to write every day. I don’t have to write every single day. But putting that X on the calendar square? Well, it’s going to feel really good putting that on today’s!

I don’t have to write 5000 words a day to feel successful. Writing is a process. Any amount is better than none at all.

What can you pinpoint as a process in your life that you can physically show with an X on your calendar?

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