Hope :: Staying Afloat

Photo by Janis Fasel on UnSplash

Sometimes the bare minimum is the best I can do.

Oh, I’ll try to do everything. I’ll put myself last and give every bit of energy I possess to get something done.

But the result is almost always lackluster.

It’s okay to tell people “no”. It’s also okay to ask for a rain check.

Imagine you’re watering plants. Your watering can is almost out of water, but you only have two plants left. So you decide to just sprinkle a little on both and figure it’ll be enough this time.

What happens when that occurs over and over again? The plants start to wilt, right? And if you don’t take the time to replenish the water properly, the plants may never get better.

I’ve killed many plants (literally) in my life.

The same thing happens with relationships and our health. We can’t pour out energy when we’re sitting on empty.

When we sprinkle the last of our energy on people or activities, the task gets done… but what are we sacrificing in order to give that last bit?

I’ve grown resentful of the people who I felt “took” the last of my energy. It wasn’t their fault. I just didn’t set boundaries.

I’m not saying you should just float through life. What I AM saying is that when you’re on empty, it’s okay to take a break and stay afloat. Take care of yourself. You can’t be the best you for everyone else if you’re not taking care of YOU.

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