Hope :: Staying Afloat

Sometimes the bare minimum is the best I can do. Oh, I’ll try to do everything. I’ll put myself last and give every bit of energy I possess to get something done. But the result is almost always lackluster. It’s okay to tell people “no”. It’s also okay to ask for a rain check. ImagineContinue reading “Hope :: Staying Afloat”

Hope :: Take a Break

I will be the first to say that I struggle with taking a break. Growing up, I went to school no matter how sick I felt because I was afraid of missing something. That continued through college where I took off a single day when I got my wisdom teeth removed. I regretting going toContinue reading “Hope :: Take a Break”

Hope :: Sometimes it’s Okay to Procrastinate

Hey, y’all! Sorry for the late update. Today, I was busy, and then I had to actually go to work. I realized ten minutes before leaving for work that I hadn’t yet written my post. I had to decide: am I going to sit down and write a sub-par post now, or should I putContinue reading “Hope :: Sometimes it’s Okay to Procrastinate”