Hope :: Give Yourself Grace

I’ve talked about this before, but it becomes really important to me when I’m the one falling short.

My Hope blog posts are supposed to come out every Monday at 4pm EST and my Education blog posts are supposed to come out every Friday at 4pm EST. Usually I do a pretty good job at being on time.

Recently, my work schedule changed. I was working straight 3-11 shifts, but just took on graveyard shift. I LOVE the night work! It’s interesting and I’m a night owl, so it works out pretty well.

But when I don’t plan ahead, I fall behind. Obviously, this post is not coming out Monday at 4pm. I’m currently writing it at almost 9am on Tuesday.

I want to be irritated with myself, but then I remember: life happens. We all get here at times.

Maybe I fell short this week because someone else needs to hear that it’s okay to fall short! We’re not always going to be spot on with things and sometimes we need that reminder that we’re all human.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by life right now, give yourself a little grace. Give yourself the space to be imperfect. Love yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW and not for who you wish you were.

You’re amazing and loved and you’re going to do great things!

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