Education :: What Do You Need?

As a teacher, we’ve all felt like the Cat in the Hat. We enjoy the fast pace, we love getting to teach our students how to do things! And it all takes a lot of balance and juggling.

But where do we find the time???

That’s where I come in. I created this blog to help teachers! As a teacher, my favorite thing to do wasn’t actually teaching the kids. Yes, I was good at it. Actually, VERY good at it. But more than the teaching, I absolutely loved the prep work.

I designed my own worksheets to help students learn the musical symbols. I used my ruler and markers to create staff sheets that I then laminated and the students could use over and over again in class to write their own music. I put together every single piece of a full-length play for the 4th and 5th grade drama club that I established in the elementary school I taught in.

No, I’m not bragging… Not in the least.

What I am doing, however, is letting you know: I get it! I know how much time goes in to preparing for class! I know how little time teachers have during their actual scheduled hours to create anything for their classrooms. And I know how much overtime teachers willingly put in to give their students the best learning experience!

I’m already working at creating a writing curriculum based on the Common Core standards of writing from K-8th grade. What I want to ask is:

What do you need?

What sorts of things would help you immensely in the classroom that you just don’t have time to create? What materials do you need to update that you just haven’t had the chance to do yet?

Comment below and/or email me! I am here to make your life easier, my friends!

I will say: posters at the moment are off the table unless you are able to pay $30 per custom-designed poster. Who knew it cost so much to print them?? However, the only thing that limits what you can suggest or ask for is only limited to your own imagination!

I love getting ideas and running with them! I have my own personal laminator within my home and can laminate up to 8.5″ wide!

Let me help you!


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