Hope :: Your Circle

Who is in your circle? No, I’m not talking about your social circle. Your peer group. Your family.

I’m talking about your circle of people that you feel closest to and with whom you can be completely honest.

Do you tend to share your secrets with everyone? Do you share with absolutely no one?

Both of these tendencies are bad, but in very different ways.

If you share with everyone, you’ve opened yourself up to everyone’s opinions and told them your personal life is their business. This means you have no boundaries and someone someday will take full advantage, if they haven’t already.

If you share with no one, you are trying to live this life completely alone. This means that you have no one to help you keep moving when things go bad and you have no one to celebrate with when things go well.

Yes, these are very basic ideas on why these two extremes are bad, but I just want you to get a general sense so that these next words make sense.

Your circle of people is important. We were never supposed to go through life alone. You also shouldn’t just trust everyone blindly.

Your life is already difficult enough as it is. As you grow and develop friendships, you’ll learn who your true “people” are. I’d call them friends, but they honestly end up being so much more than that. Some may be family, some may not. That’s okay.

I could go in a billion different directions with this particular topic, so I’m going to end here with this challenge: start looking at the people in your life. Figure out who you can trust, whose opinion matters to you, and start leaning on those people a little.

It’s amazing how much weight will fall off your shoulders just from realizing who your circle is, even without ever sharing a single word.

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