Hope :: A Bit of Light

It’s easy to think that we’re alone here on earth. We look around and see nothing but bad. Or that’s how it seems anyway.

We see all the negative happening and we think: if there really is a God… if there really is a LOVING God, then the world wouldn’t be so horrible.

It’s very easy to get caught up on the negatives and think that there is nothing good left in which to place our hope.

I dare you, though, to pause this week. When things seem to be completely out of control… when things are so horrible that you want to cry… I dare you to look for the light.

It may seem like we’ve been left alone and to fend for ourselves. There are signs though. It’s the things that may seem unimportant in the moment. But if we were to actually take that moment to look, we would see the beauty and the presence of God.

Our world is a rough place to be. It isn’t that God has forgotten us or left us on our own. It’s that so many people have turned away from God to pursue their own plans and desires.

People are free to make their own decisions and who am I to judge their choices? It’s not my place.

It is my place, though, to pause in the middle of the deepest darkest night and look for that small, almost unseeable spark of light.

When you stop and look beyond what you see, you start to realize just how much bigger things are than just yourself. You start to see the things you missed when you were caught up in the things right in your face.

You don’t have to believe in my God and my Savior. That’s completely up you. But I hope you go from this post knowing you are not alone. I hope you walk away knowing there is always a piece of light, even on the darkest night.

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