Hope :: The Last Time

How many times have you said to yourself or others, “This is the last time. I promise.”? It could be about anything, small or major. How many times?

And how many times have you repeated that “last time” and then hated yourself for it?

I’m going to challenge you to change the way you think. Rather than saying, “This is the last time,” I want you to say, “This is the time I choose to NOT.”

This is an extremely difficult thing to do. And you may not succeed the first, second, tenth time… but it’s a major perspective shift that will only move you in the right direction.

When you choose to NOT do something, and you succeed – because, my friend, you WILL succeed – it will give you courage for the next time.

Saying, “This is the last time,” is a good goal… but it indicates you have no intention to change Right Now.

You, my friend, are stronger than you realize. Give it a chance. Change the way you approach your demons. And when you’re ready, ask me about Who I turn to when I need strength that I don’t possess on my own.

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