Education :: Why We Write

“Most of my students really struggle with writing. Why do I need to keep pushing them when they really have no interest?”

When I was an elementary music teacher, I struggled with this question off and on. I know that music benefits everyone; but what about the students who just don’t *get* it? Why do I need to keep pushing for them to learn the things I want them to learn?

So I get it. I understand where those thoughts come from.

As much as I like to say learning music and experiencing music are important, writing is far more important. Let’s face it: most of your students aren’t going to become celebrated authors. They may not even ever need to write a thesis or anything along those lines.

Your students will need to communicate, though. When we are teaching them how to write, what we’re actually doing is teaching them to communicate with other people. The skills they learn with sharing thoughts on paper transition into communicating face-to-face.

So the next time little Timmy is complaining about needing to write anything at all, remember that what you’re teaching him has positive consequences for the rest of his life.

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