Hope :: How Do I Re-Energize?

2020 has been an exceptionally bad year for many of us. 9 months ago, we were told things would change for the next two weeks before we got back to normal. That was 39 weeks ago. At this point, going back to our regular ‘normal’ is a pipe dream. We just want to not be where we are now, right?

I really struggle sometimes to get moving. Especially when I know that even going out to do a job or just go grocery shopping, I’m going to see masks and sadness everywhere.

Though we can’t see people’s mouths, we can still meet their eyes. Have you seen a reflection of your own inner pain when you meet someone else’s gaze? I know I have. Anticipating something like that can leave you (all of us) dreading a trip out. When you’re filled with dread, it makes it even more difficult to get moving.

If you’re feeling all of this, then I’m sure you’re also feeling drained of energy. We are in a season that is supposed to be joyful and triumphant; the atmosphere is anything but. So how do we re-energize?

Start with doing just one simple thing. Decide to do that one thing on purpose. Have you been trapped inside your house for so long that you’ve forgotten how to get dressed in real clothes? Do it! Decide to dress each and every day as if you can’t make it through the day without doing so. (Yes, pot calling the kettle black, because as I write these words at 2 in the afternoon, I’m still wearing pjs…)

Once you’ve gotten into doing that one ‘normal’ and routine thing every single day, I can almost guarantee that you’ll start wanting to do other things.

Now, what if you’re saying, “Brittany, I’m really struggling with anxiety/depression. Getting dressed is just too much for me right now.” That’s okay. What are you doing each day? Reading? Watching tv? Do it on purpose. Change your mindset. Rather than sitting in front of the tv and thinking, “I wish I had the energy to do something else…” which is a surefire way of deepening your depression and/or anxiety, change your thoughts to: “Today, I’m going to watch tv because I want to. I’m going to watch with purpose.”

Changing the way we think is honestly the first (and best) way – in my opinion – in which we can start taking control over our own lives again.

I can’t promise that things will feel ‘normal’ again, but choosing to do something, anything with purpose is the first step toward getting back into living again.

Share your thoughts and/or ideas in the comments below!

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