Education :: Tips for Creating Characters

  • Come up with a name for your character
    • Why create a name first?
      • a name gives the author a chance to get an idea for his/her character
      • this name isn’t necessarily written in stone, but it places a character within a certain group or realm
  • What are the main characteristics of this character?
    • Species
      • Before you write about a character, you have to know what your character is.
        • Such as: Forest Elf, Fairy, Pixie, Human, etc.
      • Once you’ve decided the species, it can help you decide the rest
    • Age
      • Without an age, you don’t know where your character fits in the world
        • For instance, if your character is a Forest Elf but only 8 years old, most likely, your character doesn’t have a solid animal form yet.
    • Looks
      • You need your audience to know what your character looks like, so you need to create this character in your mind
        • Hair color and eye color
        • General body build
    • Quirks
      • What are the things your character does that sets him/her apart?
        • This gives your character a personality
  • Finally, realize that as detailed as you might be with your description, others will always view your character different than you do, and that’s okay!

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