Hope :: Motivation is Key

This message is two-fold. I don’t know about you, but there are some things that I really lack motivation over. One of the biggest ones is exercise and working out. I have this desire (DEEEEEEEEEEP down) that I want to be super fit and want to be able to hold my own in hand-to-hand combat.Continue reading “Hope :: Motivation is Key”

Hope :: Becoming a “Better Person”

I think we’ve all been there in our lives. We want to be better. We want to change to be what the world considers “good”. What does being “better” or a “good person” actually mean? I’m sure we all have our our personal definitions of what is “better/good”. For some people, this revolves around belongings.Continue reading “Hope :: Becoming a “Better Person””

Hope :: I Don’t Want to Do Anything

You’ve had those days right? Or weeks… months… years… Those seasons in life where you just can’t get yourself motivated to do anything except curl up like a burrito and watch tv or read or stare at the wall? I can tell you that I’ve definitely been there. I struggle with it often. For me,Continue reading “Hope :: I Don’t Want to Do Anything”