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Hello, dear readers!

My past many posts have spent time focusing on depression and making it another day. While I think that’s a very important thing to teach on, I also believe there are times we should focus outwardly.

So that’s what we’re going to do with this post.

It’s easy to focus on the negative. Science tells us that it’s natural for one negative to outweigh many positives. So we’re going to learn to see the positive.

Something may seem tiny to you, but seeming tiny doesn’t mean it is tiny.

What are the positives in my life right now?

  • God — I know He’s with me, no matter how far I shift away from Him.
  • Kota — yes, he’s a cat. No, he can’t talk. But he greets me every night when I get home and lets me know he missed me. That’s a good feeling.
  • Family — I may be hundreds of miles away from my family members, but I know I can message and/or call them at any time and each of them will answer the call and is there for me. I may not turn to them as often as I should, but I know they’re always there for me.
  • Friends — whether they’re on the other side of the country, world, or just a few hours away, I know I can always count on their support.
  • Church — I have an excellent community right outside my front door. This community is made up of people who follow the same God as me, or they’re open and willing to learn about Him. They walk alongside me to help me see where I’m stumbling and hold me up at my lowest.
  • Spring — we’ve made it to spring! This means warmer temperatures and more sunshine! This has helped my mood immensely over the recent past.
  • Work — no matter what, I’m grateful to have a job that helps pay the bills.

There are many different things that could keep me down in the dumps and wishing life were otherwise, but if I stop focusing on the negative and learn to seek the positive, I have a brighter outlook on life and it makes it easier to see beyond those negatives.

I can’t promise it’ll make anything better. But when you switch your perspective, it makes it that much easier to find light in life.

I hope these words encourage you today. Please, leave your positives in the comments! Encourage other readers.

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