Hope :: Past the Fear

I don’t know about you, but I’m afraid. A lot.

Fear can actually be a good thing. In small doses and if it keeps you from doing something stupid.

Fear can also keep you trapped and keep you from doing and being MORE.

I don’t know what your “more” is, but I know we all have the potential for more.

Fear has the potential to cripple us. It can be a barrier that keeps us from ever even trying.

Yes, I encourage you to use caution in your life. However, I dare you to not allow fear to pave your path.

When you see and move past the fear, you gain a future you may never have thought was possible.

In just four months, I will be moving to Boston to pursue a Master’s Degree. I have a bajillion and one fears that are trying to keep me back.

But I’m looking past the fear and to the possibilities.

Dare to do the same.

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