Hope :: Stay the Course

Photo by Ali Kazal on Unsplash

No matter in what stage of life you find yourself entrenched, I’m willing to bet you’re fighting battles in your life.

Maybe it’s that it seems everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.

Maybe it’s that you don’t have anyone supporting you.

I could sit here all day naming off things that could be going wrong in your life.

If you are following the purpose you feel called to, then I tell you: stay the course.

When God calls us to follow Him, I can almost guarantee it won’t happen without a hitch.

The world and the enemy want to see us fail.

If we fulfill our life’s calling, it’s a precious thing.

Others may say they want us to succeed, but sometimes that flattery is false.

Sometimes it will seem like the whole universe is fighting to see you fail.

If you are following the plan you feel called to, then I tell you: stay the course.

There will be moments where the path is so twisted and distorted that you feel you’ll never make it out.

There will be times you feel the darkness closing in.

Guess what? The darkness has no power over the light. The moment you turn on a light switch, the darkness flees.

It’s the same with our lives. When we turn to the Light, when we turn on the Light, darkness has no power and has to flee.

When those moments of doubts, darkness, and fear seem that they’re finally about to win the battle in your life, then I say: stay the course.

Your life is precious. Your purpose matters.

Even when it feels like you’ll never arrive, if you stay the course… I promise you’ll make it.

It may not look how you expected, but you will find peace and joy in your purpose. I know this from experience.

I’ve been floating for a while now, but I know I’m finally back into the purpose God has for my life. It hasn’t been a smooth road. It’s been rather bumpy. I talked about that a bit last week. But I’m going to continue pressing forward. I’m going to stay the course.

Will you join me?

I’m praying for you. Please feel free to message me with prayer requests. And questions, concerns, comments… everything. Your voice and life matter.

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