Hope :: Looking Forward

Sometimes it’s difficult to see past the struggles we’re facing ‘right now’. It can seem impossible and as if the future is bleak and hopeless. Life can become a shadowed wasteland and we might sometimes feel like it would be better to just end it all.


Those moments are simply that: moments. They pass.

It may feel like you’ll never get through it.

It may feel like no one even cares.

We do.

I don’t even know you personally (yet), but I care about you.

No one should ever feel like they’re alone. Especially you.

No matter how trivial it may seem compared to what you feel you’re facing right now, find SOMEthing to look forward to.

For instance, spring is currently LESS THAN 70 DAYS AWAY!!!

That might not seem like a huge deal, but for someone who struggles with Seasonal Depression and is deeply struggling during the winter season, having a tangible number to look forward to helps.

I only have 7.5 more months until the fall semester begins at most colleges/universities. I’m looking forward to beginning my master’s degree!

I have a package arriving from Amazon tomorrow.

No matter how significant these things can seem to other people, these events are things that I can look forward to.

The first day of spring may not magically fix seasonal depression, college may be a lot of hard work, and the Amazon package may not fix anything in my life; however, each of these things gives me something I can anticipate and to which I look forward.

My mom and I will spend the evening together. My brothers and their wives and my nephew will all visit at some point. I will share meals with friends and family alike.

I may not know exact times and dates for these events, but I know I will see people that I love. I can make plans with them.

No matter how bleak life may seem, there is always something to which you can look forward.

I chose the picture above for this post because of what it represents for me. I look forward to sunshine and visiting large bodies of water. That is a picture I took a long time ago and looking at it gives me hope for the future. Find something similar for yourself!

If you feel alone, please reach out to me. There are so many different ways for you to contact me. I’m only a click and typing away.

If you’re having a hard time seeing anything worth looking forward to, reach out. Look forward to my response.

You are not alone.

Your life is worth living.

You matter.

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