Hope :: Keep Pushing Through

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. And again. And again.

Life is hard!

I don’t care how happy or put-together someone looks. I can tell you from experience that the ones who seem to be holding things together the best are usually the ones who are falling apart the most.

I don’t enjoy being vulnerable. I don’t enjoy sharing when I feel weak.

I don’t, however, want you to feel alone in your weakness and vulnerability.

For that reason, I tell you that as I write these words, I am crying. Not giant sobs, but rather the silent tears that stream down your face and make your nose run. Gross? Yup. But honest.

It’s not because of anything that has happened or even that hasn’t happened. Rather, it’s because I’m plagued with insecurities.

I’m not writing these words to garner your sympathy or compliments. I’m just trying to tell you I get it.

I go through seasons where I wonder what I’m even doing. I question why I write these posts and record my videos.

I wonder why I’m supposed to be doing all of this. I wonder if I’m making a difference.

But as I type these words, I’m reminded that I do these things because it’s what I feel led to do. If my words make a difference for someone, I’m glad. But I don’t write or speak for my own personal gain. I do it in the off-chance that God can use it to guide or help someone else out there.

That doesn’t get rid of the tears or insecurities. It does help me keep pushing, though. That small chance that my words will somehow reach someone in need is enough to push past the insecurity and continue writing from the heart.

Remember: you are never alone. You may feel like you are walking through the deepest and darkest pit, but you have so many people around you who can hold out their hands and help you through; you may just not have met them yet or given them the chance to do so.

Keep pushing, beloved. You will make it through.

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