Education : Why do we teach writing?

Writing is one of the most difficult things to teach. Our students are all at different levels of understanding while we are also stuck teaching the curriculum and barely get a moment to think about teaching writing.

Not every student has the gift to write, but teaching them writing is still important. Teaching writing helps our students to articulate their thoughts and ideas. Though not everyone will grow up to be an author, almost all jobs have at least one aspect that is writing: emails, reports, etc.

These forms of writing don’t necessarily require perfect grammar, but we have to teach our students to put their thoughts in order and down on paper. These writing skills will also translate to their speaking skills as it will teach them to put their thoughts in order when it comes to communication.

You may love all the nuances of English and grammar, but we need to learn to relax on those things a little as the formulation of thoughts is going to take them much further in the long run than focusing solely on grammar details.

Just my thought for the day!

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