Brittany’s Tips for Creating an Alternate World

  • Decide if your world is based on our world or if it is based solely from your imagination
    • Even if it is a different world, it can be based on things that you are familiar with
      • it can be an earth-like world that looks exactly like ours but the set up is all your own
      • it may contain some aspects of our world, but change some of the characteristics of the world (i.e. a pink sky, two moons, five suns, etc.)
    • It may be a world that is completely foreign to this world
      • it could be based on a separate planet
      • it can contain certain things of this world but they look different
        • maybe you have trees, but they only grow ten jupaks and they sprout books instead of leaves
  • Know your world intimately
    • If you don’t know your world, you won’t be able to describe it to the people around you
    • Find pictures that you can use to illustrate your world
    • Draw your world or have a friend draw it for you based on your descriptions
    • Plan out your entire world, whether your story encompasses it all or not.
      • You may have characters who step into your story later who come from somewhere different and you don’t want to have to try to come up with a brand new town or community on the fly!
  • Have fun! World building is all about what you picture in your mind

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