Hope :: You Don’t Have to be ‘OK’

How often do you reach the end of your energy? Or feel like you might be drowning a little bit? Or you just don’t feel ‘ok’?

And yet, how often do you put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine? Or internally yell at yourself for not doing more? Or for letting yourself give in to the non-energy but feel bad for it?

I have a habit of getting angry with myself when I have my low-energy, high-depression days. That anger pushes me even deeper into the hole of low-energy, high-depression.

What if I told you it’s okay to not be ‘ok’? What if I said you need to stop beating yourself up and take advantage of the down time you have? It’s okay to take a break and not feel bad for not getting everything (or even anything) on your list done.

Take a break. Take a breath.

It’s going to be okay, for real.

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