Hope :: Just Be You

You are amazing. Just the way you are. You don’t need to do anything to make others accept you if you’re truly being yourself.

I wish I could put a real mirror here in this post so that you could be seeing yourself as you read these next words:

You are beautiful.

You matter.

You were made the way you are because you are how you were meant to be.

Society will try to tell us that we have to be or look a certain way to be accepted by the world at large. Only one type of person is “normal” and if you don’t fit those specifications then there’s something wrong with you.

These. Are. Lies.

Society does not dictate who you are. It does not dictate how you should look or behave to be “normal”.

Seriously, normal is a lie. There is NO “normal”.

I think people made up that word to make it so other people can be excluded based on anything that society deems “abnormal”.

Be you.

You’re beautifully and wonderfully made.

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2 thoughts on “Hope :: Just Be You

  1. Brittany thanks for this message.
    I really needed to see and read this.
    My life is coming apart . I am getting


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