Education :: Attainable Goals

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a habit of setting goals for myself (and my students) that are a little on the unattainable side.

Is it good to challenge yourself and your students? Absolutely!

But there does come a point where you need to be practical while also being hopeful.

As a writer, I can sit down and put more than 10,000 words into my computer in a week. Sometimes I’ve reached that goal in a single day. However, when I set myself that goal, I have a much more difficult time meeting it. I see that number and when I don’t reach it, I get down on myself and want to beat myself up.

I believe we do the same things to our students sometimes. We don’t mean to. We see what we want them to do, we set the goals, and then our students fall short. For us, it may be exactly what we expected to happen and are, therefore, not upset when it does happen.

For our students, though, they see themselves missing the mark over and over again. They see themselves failing.

When this happens over and over again to those students who really aren’t the best at a particular subject, they tend to give up even trying because they feel like they’ll never be good enough.

Maybe take a couple of days to look at the goals you’re setting for yourself and for your students. You may need to evaluate where you are and where your students are and change up those goals a little to fit your present circumstances better.

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