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I feel like I start posts like this a lot: I don’t know about you, but I… I think it’s safe to say I struggle in a lot of ways! Haha!

This week, I wanted to talk about being almost too busy to function. This past month, that’s how I’ve felt. Every time I get the chance to take a breath, it’s barely enough to gasp and dive back in.

However, throughout all of the busy-ness, I’ve made time to do some of the things I love.

My classes require a lot of reading, but it isn’t my typical form of reading. I make time, even if it’s only fifteen minutes right before falling asleep, to get some ‘fun’ reading in.

My faith is the most important part of my life, which means I make time daily to spend time reading the Bible and praying. I try my best to attend church, but that has been hit or miss based on my work schedule.

I make some time daily to cuddle with Kota, my cat.

Even if most of these things seem silly or small, they’re things I love doing and it makes the busy-ness seem a little less overwhelming.

On a different note, I challenge you to take charge of your life. Make decisions for YOU. I’m not telling you to be self-centered and/or selfish. I’m not promising everything will be perfect. I’m not saying it will always be easy. Sometimes it takes a lot of steps and time.

Up until this week, I’ve tried to keep my schedule at work as open as possible. I scheduled off my school days (Monday and Tuesday), but left everything else open. These past two weeks, my schedule has been all over the place and it’s been almost impossible to even get my homework done (which is why my posts haven’t gotten done either!).

However, I made a stand this last week. First, I changed my availability. I now have a solid day during the week to get my homework done. It will also allow me to get my posts done. I also shifted Sunday’s schedule so I can’t be put on the schedule until later in the day.

Finally, with full transparency to my current bosses, I’ve been applying for jobs and internships in my field of study. As much as I love the people with whom I work, I would much rather spend my work hours in the publishing world.

Back to the original topic. There is one saving aspect of this semester: I absolutely LOVE the work I do for school. I love copyediting and I love writing reader’s reports on manuscripts and working with others to flesh out the marketability of a new work.

So, even with the busy-ness, I’m doing something I love and it makes it all flow together successfully.

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