Hope :: Introduction

Brittany Stonestreet, Sept 2022
Brittany Stonestreet, September 2022

Hi, everyone! Whether or not this is your first time reading one of my posts, I wanted to take this time to introduce myself and my website/blog.

Who I Am

My name is Brittany Stonestreet. I’m the middle child and only daughter in my family. Both of my brothers are married; one has a son of his own. My mom lives in the house in which I grew up in a tiny town in southwestern Pennsylvania, and my dad passed in December of 2020.

I’m a believer in God and Jesus, and that’s where I find my hope. I realize that not everyone has the same faith as me, and I don’t expect people who read my posts to believe or become believers. Yes, my devotionals and videos are centered around my faith, but I try to include advice for everyone.

I currently live in Boston with my cat, Kota. I adopted him as a kitten in 2019. I was living alone in California and he became my best friend. He’s made two major moves with me and I couldn’t choose a better travel companion. This image is of him in our new apartment in Boston.

What Started My Journey

In my sophomore year of college (in 2010), I came across a video on YouTube called “Meet Jade”. Disclaimer: I don’t know whether or not Jade is still alive. There are many who claim she is alive and simply made this video to show the impact of bullying and her parents made her delete all of her social media because of the video. Others perpetuate the rumor that she committed suicide.

“Meet Jade”, YouTube

Watching that video led me to watching nearly 3 hours of videos just like it. By the time I paused watching those videos, I had tears streaming down my face. I prayed, “God, what am I supposed to do with this?!” 

Clear as day, I heard, “You need to tell their stories.”

Then I proceeded to not touch it for another 5 years.

I finally shared it (in all its handwritten, poorly written glory) with a couple of friends and they told me I needed to get back to writing it. So I did. I finished Alli’s story, then went on to write Kayla’s story, Alexis’ story, and finally Ashlee’s.

I met my friend Wendy while I lived in California. Wendy just happened to be a literary agent and I asked her if she would read my stories (Alli and Kayla) and tell me if she thought it could go anywhere.

With her encouragement, I created this website and began writing blog posts. I started with writing educational posts on writing and it’s grown to where it is now.

These books take the stories of made up characters that face real-life situations and turn to real-life solutions that aren’t very great choices, such as self-harm and alcohol. The series tells the story of faith, showing these teens that their story isn’t over yet and that they can find purpose in a relationship with God. This is actually the story behind the image for my site – the dove with the semi-colon hidden within it.

Hope symbol, which actually began as a tattoo I designed and have on my heel.

Currently, I’m studying Publishing and Writing at Emerson College in Boston, MA. I’m set to graduate in 2024.

I plan to get my books published, both the My Story series as well as some non-fiction Christian books. 

Take part wherever you feel most comfortable. I am literally here for you. My whole purpose for being here is to give you hope.

Watch my videos, read my posts, send me messages. Whatever you need, simply ask.

Brittany Stonestreet signature with dove

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