Hope :: The Ups and Downs

Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but my life is always a series of ups and downs. And I don’t mean the kiddie rides. I mean the full-blown roller coasters that I refuse to ride because… death.

Life can be exhausting. It can hurt.

We can have all these great things happen. Then one bad thing happens.

Sometimes we completely crash from that and it’s like it completely eclipses the good.

Sometimes we make it through the first bad thing without too much struggle. Then the next bad thing happens, followed by another. And another.

It can feel like everything is against us; like no matter what we do (and no matter how close we feel to God), we just can’t seem to get back on track.

People tell us to pick ourselves up… brush the dirt off… pray more… get over it… find the positive…

But sometimes that’s hard!

I want you to know that I see you. I see the struggle you’re facing. I know when it feels nearly impossible.

But I also know that there is always, ALWAYS a silver lining to every cloud.

So don’t give up. Don’t quit trying.

You’re going to make it through this. Know how I know? Because you’ve done it before.

Just take life one breath at a time.

It’s hard, but anything worth doing has its obstacles.

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