Review :: Runaway Train by Lee Matthew Goldberg

I’ve never written an official review before, but here we are!

I had the honor of reading “Runaway Train” by Lee Matthew Goldberg, and I must say it’s a great book!

This story is a raw and real novel of someone dealing – or rather not dealing – with grief and everything that comes along with it. Though the story was set strongly in the ’90s, the premise could be used even today.

Not everyone will appreciate the cursing, drugs, and sex, but I think Goldberg did a great job at showing the human condition. The main character, Nico, is reeling from the death of her sister but refuses to talk about it. She and her two best friends are losing themselves to drugs and alcohol with no direction for their lives.

In order to escape reality, Nico runs away to pursue her bucket list. What she doesn’t know is that pursuing this bucket list opens up every emotion she’s been holding deep inside. Through Nico’s journey, we see self-destruction and how someone can hit rock bottom. We also see how Nico begins to pull herself out of the dark recesses she’s been living in and starts to grow as a person.

In her two best friends, Nico is able to recognize the same destructive tendencies she had been living and wants them to realize the same positive change she’s experienced. She realizes, however, that it’s a choice her friends need to realize on their own.

I really enjoyed the story and how many different people Nico encounters through her journey; everyone from a cheating jerk to a sweet Christian to a girl who gives her the courage to pursue what she truly wants. Each person teaches Nico something different that she’ll be able to take with her the rest of her life.

You can get your copy here!

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