Education :: If I Set the Date, There’s No Changing It


I think we all get caught up in the unimportant details. Unless it’s a life or death, pass or fail thing, why can’t we change things?

As a teacher, I’ve always had this issue of setting a date by which something should be done, then failing at it. It was no one’s fault that the date was missed, and yet I felt like such a failure.

  • If I had done a better job teaching it…
  • If I hadn’t spent quite so much teaching that other thing…
  • If we hadn’t spent so much time talking about other things…

The list goes on and on about the “if”s in our lives and in our teaching.

What’s the worst that will happen if we tell our students, “I know I said we’d be taking a test this Friday, but I know we’re not ready yet. We’re going to do it next Wednesday instead.” Seriously?

You might get some cheers and some students who still aren’t ready by the new date, but you’ve given yourself a little breathing room and taken a little stress off your students who WANT to do a good job but weren’t quite ready yet.

Just something to think about.

Also, this blog post was supposed to be out Friday afternoon. I have purposefully chosen to miss my “due date” to prove a point.

Has your life been completely altered because my blog post was a day late?

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