Hope :: Letting Go

No matter what you believe in, the very best thing we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to let go of unforgiveness. If you don’t know what that really means, that’s okay. You’re not alone.

Another way of saying “unforgiveness” is hanging onto the memories of a wrong or even a perceived wrong that’s been done to or against you. Usually this “hanging on” is accompanied by bitterness, anger, resentment, and many other negative things.

Did you know that holding on to those negative things can actually cause you harm mentally AND physically? Most people understand the mental ramifications of bitterness and resentment, but many don’t realize that it can literally harm your physical well-being too!

I hear you. Letting go of the grudge is like giving them a free pass. If we’re not carrying that hurt and anger constantly then it’s like we’re telling them their actions are okay.

That’s not the case though. We want to hold onto that anger to try to hurt them. Let me ask you: besides maybe snapping at them sometimes, do they even notice that something is off? Your hurt and anger doesn’t even register with them most of the time.

In the long run, the only person your grudge is going to mess with is YOU. You deserve to have some peace.

I’m not saying forgiveness or letting go is easy. It’s honestly one of the most difficult things we will ever do. However, it is the best thing you can ever do for yourself and it allows you to love your loved ones on a deeper level.

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