Hope :: Getting Back Up Again

Have you had those days where it felt like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong? Whole weeks? Months? And in the case of 2020 – an entire year?

Have you ever felt like life tripped you? Then shoved you flat to the ground? Then kicked you for the fun of it, adding just that extra touch that was completely unnecessary?

I’ve been there. I am there in some regards. It seems like every time something super amazing happens in my life, 50 bad-to-terrible things quickly follow one right after another after another…

There are times I’ve felt like curling up into a tight ball and saying, “Okay, Life, you win. I’m going to stop reaching for the stars. Heck, I’ll even stop reaching for things on top of the fridge if you’ll just leave me alone!” People, life hurts!

However, I can promise you this: the parts of life that hurt are the very things that form you into who you were made to be. If I hadn’t been bullied all through school, I wouldn’t now be able to write to you all about these things! Well, I could, but I wouldn’t understand just what you’re going through and I definitely wouldn’t be able to tell you with full confidence that you will get through this!

In life, all we can see are the huge, painful events that are happening Right Now. We feel the emptiness of a single moment in time. When we’re stuck in these situations, it’s difficult… no, nearly impossible… to step back and look at our lives from a different perspective. I’ve been told to do that many times in my life and I can tell you it’s hard.

Instead of telling you to change your perspective, I’m going to give you a different challenge. Stand up and take one more step. Fix your eyes on where you want to go in life. It may seem easier and better to turn to things like self-harm, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. I can tell you: though these things might make you feel ‘good’ in the moment, they will take control of and ruin your life.

My eyes are fixed on my God Who has defeated the things of this world once and for all and He gives me strength to look past the quick fixes life tries to hand me and, instead, He whispers, “One more step, just one more.” And do you know what happens when we take just one more step?

Hope. Hope happens. We take that one single baby-sized step and we realize that life has not won. We realize that those trips and shoves and kicks have left us a little bruised… a little broken… but still able to take a step, gain strength, and use our lives to help someone else.

Take a step. Don’t give up. You are certainly not and never are alone. Take just one more step. Get back up and take just One. More. Step.

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