Hope :: New Beginnings

Emerson Alley in Boston, MA

I promise, not every post is going to be about my move to Boston and starting school, but it’s my life right now. I’ve learned posts are more relatable if I use real life.

So, anywhoodle, I’ve got a lot of new beginnings happening right now. New apartment, new school, new city, new everything… Or almost everything.

I brought a carload of belongings, some of which were new, but most of which were from previous apartments. 

The one thing that isn’t new that I knew I needed to move with was Kota. He’s the cat I adopted when I lived in California. He’s been my best friend for a couple of years now. 

When I began looking at apartments, I insisted that I had to be allowed to bring him along. It worked out.

So even though everything is new and different, there are plenty of things that won’t change.

My goal for these posts is to bring hope. Though the posts will be changing slightly for the purpose of one of my classes, I think it will be for the better! The one thing that 100% will not change is my support of you.

As always, you can reach out to me anytime! You can find the links to my social media at the bottom of the page. You can email me ( brittany.d.stonestreet@gmail.com ). You can subscribe to my YouTube profile.

Thank you for your support as I write this new chapter! 😉

An update on last week’s post: if you read it before I updated it directly, my bike was returned!!! I also told you last time I would talk about forgiveness this week. That’s going to be put on hold for the next few weeks. I WILL have a new post on forgiveness during this new series, but it won’t be this week.

Like, comment, share, and subscribe!!! 💙😊

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