Hope :: Independence Day

To my fellow American’s, Happy Independence Day! I actually remembered this holiday.

When it comes to an entire nation, we have an idea of what it means to be independent. What about when it comes to individual lives? What does it mean to live independently?

Contrary to some belief, independence doesn’t mean living completely separate from every other person without help.

Being independent doesn’t mean you can’t rely on other people for help.

Living independently means to live with a sense of freedom. It means you don’t need to depend on other people for your own happiness but, rather, you thrive in your giftings and talents.

Living independently means you know that it’s okay and safe to ask others for help. When you live in freedom – free from pride, envy, self-doubt, etc. – asking for help is no longer seen as a weakness or failure but rather for the gift it is.

We all have our talents. Sometimes what we lack wisdom in is exactly what others are wise in and we just need to get over ourselves to make it through to the next step of our lives.

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