Education :: Why Are You Teaching That?

So, we have standardized tests, right? And a lot of times, there comes a point in the school year where we feel we have to teach specifically to the test or we’re doing our students a disservice, right?

When it comes time to teach to the test, is that your sole purpose for teaching it?

I think we sometimes get stuck on that and we forget our motivation for teaching in the first place.

Yes, we have to teach those things that we are 99.9% sure will come up on those standardized tests; however, what if the reason you taught those specific things was because you want to teach them and not because you have to teach them?

And that’s the whole thing, isn’t it? Don’t you teach because you want to teach? If the test wasn’t happening, would you still teach those things?

Take a step back and consider: if you weren’t teaching it specifically for that test, how would you actually teach that concept to your students?

9 times out of 10, your students will retain the things you teach if you’re teaching it the way you want to teach it. Yes, you want your students to do well. This tends to make us drill, drill, drill!

Instead of drilling, why don’t we have fun with whatever lesson it is?

If you’re enjoying it, your students will enjoy it in turn. Enthusiasm is contagious!

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4 thoughts on “Education :: Why Are You Teaching That?

  1. I totally agree with your comments. Making what you teach relevant to the students lives, and making class fun place to be helps keep the students engaged.

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  2. Being enthusiastic and having fun are certainly important parts of education! After all, students ARE natural born learners, and we should help them to learn the skills and information that will help them to be successful in their lives. Curriculum ideologies (e.g. Schiro ) shows four different approaches to what we should teach and why. It is good to have a way to justify why we perceive something to be important for our students to learn.

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