Hope :: It Starts With One

One thought. One choice. One step.

That’s all it takes to send your life soaring into the future or crashing down to the ground. Just one thought… choice… step…

We blame the negative things in our lives on everyone else. And believe me, others DO have some parts of ruining our happiness and disrupting our lives.

When we take a step back, though, and truly look at the thoughts, choices, and steps we’ve taken, it’s usually pretty easy to see where things got out of hand. That one thought led to the one choice which made you take that one step… and then it just snowballed.

Today, I dare you to choose life. I dare you to choose to make it another day. I dare you to believe that your life is precious and worth keeping in this world. 

I dare you to take those thoughts that say, “You’re unloveable, you’re a horrible person, you deserve the bad things that are happening,” and call them what they are: absolute LIES.

Take a step away from the people and things in your life that are trying to take you down.

Send me a message. Tell me who you are and what you need. You can admit you’re struggling. I’ve been there. No judgement. Only love.

Take a step. Just one small step. Because your journey?

It starts with one…

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It Starts with One Audio

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