Brittany Stonestreet has done so many things in her life, though many of them are only somewhat good. She danced for six years, but no one knew she had any rhythm at all until she switched to singing at the age of ten. She got to play lead and supporting lead in three high school musicals, but her singing was far better than her acting! She used that singing talent to major in Music Education in college where she graduated with a 3.987 GPA, History being her downfall.

Besides singing, telling stories is Brittany’s favorite thing to do. Her imagination is only passed by her ability to talk way too much. Both her imagination and talking came in handy as a girl from ages eight to fourteen. Her father drove a tractor-trailer and, honestly, there wasn’t a whole lot to do riding in a big rig besides making up stories and sharing those stories with her dad, whether or not he wanted to hear them.

Creating stories, though, created issues for Brittany. Her journals were all made up stories containing real people from her life, such as friends at school, but with false story lines. She would carry these journals with her wherever she went. Because these were journals, anyone could open them and read them. Despite the fact that Brittany had poor handwriting, the worst incident occurred when a friend found these stories and got mad at her for “lying about her” in her journal. Misunderstandings were aplenty! Rather than learning to not make stories up, Brittany just stopped carrying her journals everywhere she went.

Brittany not only has a wild imagination, but that imagination carries over into her dreams as well. These dreams are some of the biggest bases for her fantasy stories. Once the basic storyline is set, it’s the details that need worked out. These details come to her in different ways and at different places. As a high school and college student, she discovered these as she rode on the back of her grandfather’s motorcycle. As a music teacher, the details of these stories came to her as she sat at the Leonardtown Wharf in Maryland in the evenings and on weekends. Now, as a Minister of Worship and Connections at a church in California, Brittany usually comes up with the story details as she chases her cat Kota off of her keyboard.

  1. Sorry for your loss. Will pray for you and your family. Grieving is a personal thing. It may be some…

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